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Flat River at Lowell Area Farmer's Market
Advanced Water & Energy Solutions (AWES) is prepared to fully utilize the wastewater pretreatment plant at the 625 Chatham St. in Lowell as infrastructure that supports the industrial operations of area employers.
AWES has assembled a team of individuals with practical, in-depth experience in management of industrial operations, pretreatment of wastewater and conversion of waste streams into methane for use as a fuel in the generation of electricity and other forms of renewable energy.
On Monday night, AWES CEO Ross E. Pope gave the Lowell City Council a sneak preview of what his team of experts uncovered when it came to the progressive failure of the wastewater pretreatment and biodigester plant at 625 Chatham St.
Work crews at the 625 Chatham plant of Advanced Water & Energy Solutions were busy Wednesday powerwashing components and the inside of the 175,000-gallon tank that is being prepared for the proposed treatment of wastewater from Litehouse Foods Inc.
At the conclusion of a 3-month study, AWES has identified a primary root cause of the terrible stench emitted by the 625 Chatham Street plant last year as being the progressive failure of media cells within the pretreatment tank.

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