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Lowest Temperatures

Our LEDs convert over 80-90% of their electrical energy to light, where traditional bulbs only convert 20%. This means far less electrical energy is converted to heat.


Lowest watts / lumen

LED lighting is all about lumens and in short – lumens equals brightness. Our LED lights use by far the fewest watts to acheive the same brightness than anything else.


Longer Lasting

LED bulbs last over 50x longer than traditional incadescent lights – 25x longer than halogen, and 10x longer than CFL.


Cost Savings

Due to the technological performance advantages LEDs have, they ultimately reduce energy costs – substantially.

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50x Longer than Incadescents

25x Longer than Halogens

10x Longer than CFLs

Did you know?

That according to the US Department of Energy, LED light technology outperformes other traditional lighting by 10-50X.


Recyclable & Free of Toxins


More Energy Efficient


Energy Cost Savings

They said...

“Widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States.”


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